Mary Shelley

  • Wig Styled by Kelly Anne Johns

To be displayed at the Escape Velocity 2018 Convention in Washington, DC as part of the Museum of Science Fiction.

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, costume production MFA students and staff have collaborated each year with the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC to create replicas of iconic science fiction costumes. In 2018, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Frankenstein, the students and staff created a replica of what Mary Shelley might have been wearing circa 1818 while writing Frankenstein in Geva, Switerzland.

As wardrobe supervisor with Playmakers Repertory Company in residents at UNC Chapel Hill, I volunteered to create a hairstyle for the exhibit.  I conducted my own research, along with extensive research provided by students and professors in the English department at UNC, on Mary Shelley and other historical figures to determine a hair style that would have been worn by Shelley at the time.

A brown synthetic lace wig was purchased, then cut to a suitable length and set on curlers to create the style that is presented. The goal was to keep with a familiar silhouette of the time, but be simple as Shelley was a young girl, only twenty at the time. The curls are pined back off her face with a simple bun high on the head, braids are wrap around the bun to add some details as braided hairstyle were common at the time.